Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Favourites #2

Unlike the US, Australian supermarkets are not ones to have decent sales in the produce department.
If you look in a Coles or Woolworths catalogue, you'll be lucky to find even one full page of fruits or vegetables.

Local markets and independent fresh produce stores have prices far lower than the big two supermarkets,
sometimes up to 75% off. 

Eating high carb can be expensive due to the large amounts of produce required to consume 2000 plus calories each day.
But by shopping at a market means even those of us on a budget can thrive on this lifestyle. 

If you live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the Dandenong Market is where you should go to get the best priced produce.

On occasion I have managed to get a box (13-15kg) of ripe bananas for just $15.

This is what I picked up on Tuesday: 

Price comparisons:

Dandenong Market vs. Supermarket
(prices per kilogram)

Granny Smith Apples $1.49 vs. $6.00

Lemons $1.99 vs. $6.99

Potatoes $0.70 vs. $2.00 - $4.00

Red Capsicum $2.49 vs. $6.98

Jalapeno Peppers $5.49 vs. $15.99

Blood Oranges $1.99 vs. $3.66

Bunches of herbs $0.99 each vs. $2.99 each

With prices like this, the market is where I buy the majority of my food. A supermarket trip is generally just for staples like rice and dates. 

Find a market in your local area and compare prices with the supermarkets - you may end up greatly surprised.

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