Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ice Cream Sundays #1

Frozen bananas are a staple on my high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle.
I've never been one to like bananas, but when frozen they seem to lose much of their banana-y taste. And when mixed with various flavours, they're even more delicious.

Ice Cream Sundays are a meal which I enjoy several times a week due to it taking only a matter of minutes to blend bananas until they're smooth. 

Today's recipe is quite simply, but don't despair, there are far more creative ones in the coming weeks.

Surprisingly it takes just a few teaspoons of cocoa to completely hide the banana taste; it just ends up tasting like chocolate. Win! 


600g Frozen Bananas

2 tsp Cocoa Powder (or carob, if you prefer)


Place your bananas to the blender, pulsing to break them down
Add the cocoa and use the highest speed on your blender until the bananas end up creamy, without any lumps

Note: some food processors work just as well with banana ice cream. 

Makes 1 serve


547 calories
7.6g protein
2.7g fat
140.2g carbs
73.5g sugar
17.4g fibre

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