Sunday, 24 August 2014

Ice Cream Sundays #3

Back in the day, strawberry sundaes from McDonalds were my favourite as a child.
The super sweet (and probably artificially flavoured) topping paired with that soft serve ice cream always went down a treat.

Over time on this lifestyle your taste buds really do adjust to the taste of REAL food.
These days, this is the type of strawberry ice cream I enjoy. 
With just two ingredients it recreates those memories, flavours and textures, but leaves me with no guilt.

Zero guilt is the beauty of this lifestyle - you just cannot feel bad about fuelling your body with such
 healthy, natural, vitamin and mineral rich foods. 
This is something which I'll touch on down the line, but for now enjoy this recipe. 


400g Frozen Bananas
150g Fresh Strawberries (frozen is fine, too)


In a blender or food processor, layer in the strawberries and bananas to help the two combine well
Pulse your blender, or use your favourite technique, to get your fruits to break down and become creamy

Makes 1 serve


404 calories
5.4g protein
1.8g fat
102.9g carbs
56.3g sugar
13.4g fibre

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