Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tattoo Tuesday #5

It seems like every time a photo is posted, especially on the Inked Australia/NZ Facebook page, the judgemental, rude and uncalled for comments come rolling in. This is becoming a common trend on any sort of tattoo related posts across all forms of social media. 

Just one Facebook photo or status can evoke a myriad of reactions from people.

There's the jokester, the critical one, the serious and well thought out response, and then there's the  people who defy all logical reasoning to post something so offensive and off the mark that all you can do is shake your head, wondering what has become of society. 

All Inked Australia/NZ magazine had to do was ask of their followers who they didn't want to see grace the cover of the magazine. Just seconds later, responses were flooding in, and like usual it took as little time for an influx of negativity.

Some woman didn't want to see "half naked boobs" on the cover - whether they meant cleavage or under boob, we'll just never know. There's that 'Free the Nipple' campaign, but maybe the world needs someone to stand up for the discrimination against all breast tissue. 

Another woman complained that tattoo magazines these days (no mention of specific ones) were all about models with fake hair, fake boobs and being of loose moral fibres. If you want to get picky about it - tattoos are 'fake' too, however I wouldn't feel real without them. Trying to find our real selves and our happy place in the world without being told it's not good enough is hard enough as it is. If people like this woman have ever bothered to READ Inked they would find inspiring stories from REAL people.

Negativity in the tattoo community: just stop, already!

If you don't agree, don't like the tattoo or photo, that's fine. We're all different and won't like all the same things.

Say the comment to yourself, to a friend, whoever, but don't think it's okay to be so disrespectful and downright disgusting by posting such vile comments where the person in question will most likely see them.

In a way it's cyber-bullying. You don't know them but think you can voice your opinion about something which really doesn't concern you in the slightest. Your comments could be detrimental to their mental health and well-being. Just because they're strangers to you doesn't make it acceptable behaviour.

The Facebook page is a place to celebrate and share the truly amazing tattoos created by some of the most talented artists. Why must a small percentage of people ruin it for the others? Some people just love to spread their hate and misery. 

I can't keep it quiet any more because it, at times, sickens me. Hell, I don't like all the tattoo photos, but so what? There are thousands of others who do. You're not going to see me act like some self-entitled prick because I just HAVE to push my opinion on others. 

Not too long ago there wasn't any sort of tattoo community to share with like-minded individuals. Let's not allow these people ruin what people have worked so hard to build.

Share and support what you love, and forget about the rest.

Next week, and from now on, these posts will be much more positive. 
Which artist will I be featuring? Here's a clue:

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