Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tattoo Tuesday #6

We're now on to Week 6 of Tattoo Tuesday posts, and only now am I getting to a profiling a tattoo artist. 
This week's artist is one which I have just stumbled upon in the last few months. 

Susanne König is a predominantly black and grey tattoo artist working out of the Salon Serpent Tattoo Parlour in Amsterdam. 

Over the years I have grown to appreciate each and every style of tattooing. Dot and line work is fast becoming one of my favourites. 

There's something so delicate yet bold about her work. It is her style which is the stand out as she tattoos a wide range of imagery on her clients. There are elements of neo-traditional and geometric shapes within her own personal style. 

The intricate and precise lines and shading create stunning black and grey tattoos which will stick for life. The true test of any artist is one which who can take something so simple and make it look perfectly beautiful - Susanne is one of them. 

When I finally visit Europe someday, I'm sure to stop by Amsterdam get tattooed by Susanne. 

Susanne's work is posted almost daily on the Salon Serpent Facebook page, or you can check her out on the following social media sites: 

Portfolio - https://www.salonserpent.com/susanne.html
Instagram - @suflanda

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