Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Note About Product Reviews

This is just a note about all future product reviews across both of my blogs.  

I am a blogging partner with Nuffnang where occasionally Product Talks are offered in exchange for a review on the blog. These are not a compulsory part of being involved in the program. If a product they offer is something which I think you guys may find interesting, I may offer to review it, but it comes down to Nuffnang choosing a select few to do so. I always note in the post if a particular review is a Nuffnang Product Talk. 

Those Product Talks are few and far between, however I do plan on doing more of my own product reviews for the blog. Due to two ongoing incidents, I will no longer be accepting products from companies in exchange for review. Every product you see reviewed from now on will have been purchased with my own money (unless won in a competition, which I will clearly state). 

These changes will be effect immediately on The Inked Vegan and Stacie Michelle.  

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