Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Favourites #11

Originally I had planned on this week's Friday Favourites to feature a review of my visit to the Melbourne Cat Cafe. However, things don't always turn out as great at you expect them, so I've gone with something different.

As you can see in this week's WIAW video, I've been experimenting with healthy, vegan alternatives to McDonald's sundaes. Over the coming few Sunday's I'll be sharing these recipes with you.

However, today I want to take time to profess my love for dates - especially, fresh medjool dates.

It's dates which make up the base for the sundae toppings. From dateorade, to date balls, sweet sauces and as a snack, dates are a high carb vegans best friend.

Dates are calorie-rich, but also full of vitamins and minerals such as Copper, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium and multiple B-Vitamins. 

They're great to keep on hand, to help reach your daily calorie goal, even if you're not feeling particularly hungry. 

Here are some of my favourite recipes which feature dates:
(click on the photos to be taken to the recipes)

Coming up soon on Treat Yourself Thursday, I am going to do a series raw vegan tart recipes. Over four weeks I will feature four different tart base recipes (all using dates, and various other ingredients) in addition to four tart fillings. 

I'm hoping to include more raw vegan recipes on the blog to show you guys that they don't need to be high fat in order to be high calorie and flavouful. 

If anyone knows of some Middle Eastern stores around Melbourne (and the outer suburbs) that sell those boxes of super juicy dates (which several UK and Canadian youtubers have featured), please let me know in the comments section down below. 

Or, if the Australian distributor of Natural Delights dates wants to sponsor me, I'd be open to it ;)

Don't forget, my date ball e-book is to be released Monday, October 23. 

What are your favourite ways to enjoy dates?

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