Friday, 3 October 2014

Friday Favourites #9

Liquid stevia something I came across when I was doing the whole, high protein, low carb, scared of sugar fad. Now that I am enjoying a completely different lifestyle, stevia - espcially in the liquid form - is something which I still choose to enjoy.

The wide variety of flavours is what attracts me to liquid stevia. There's fruity flavours, citrus, chocolate and unflavoured to add sweetness to more of a savoury dish. 

These are the three brands I know, use and trust. Just a few drops is enough for the right amount of flavour and sweetness.

If you would like to know more about these specific brands, check out the reviews I did on each of them over on my other blog, Stacie Michelle. 

On days when I want a simple smoothies, I add some drops of flavoured liquid stevia to a blend of bananas and water. It's keeping things simple, but making them that little bit extra special.

Coconut sugar, while great, does have a very distinct flavour, so for something different, pairing it with a flavour of liquid stevia, or opting out on the coconut sugar for that smoothie, is another option.

US & International readers

Get your flavoured liquid stevias from iHerb or Vitacost

Aussie readers

You can order from the links above, or for an Australian business, order from Naturally Sweet

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