Monday, 27 October 2014

Meatless Monday #13

I couldn't do Mexican Meatless Monday without a recipe for guacamole. The one challenge I had to overcome was how to make a low fat guacamole more suited to my high carb, low fat 80-10-10-esque lifestyle. 

There's one (not so secret) ingredient in this recipe which halves the fat content of this guacamole. The humble zucchini adds body to this gucamole, keeping it rich and thick. It's still full of flavour, but just healthier for you. 

Next time you're making guacamole, try adding a zucchini and see if anyone can tell the difference. 



150g Zucchini
150g Avocado
3-4 Serves of Pico de Gallo
Juice of 1/2 to 1 Lime
Chilli Powder
Ground Cumin
Optional - Salt and Pepper


Pulse the zucchini in a food processor with a little lime juice until smooth
Add to a bowl with the avocado, spices and lime, mashing as much as you like (less mashing means a chunkier guacamole)
Stir in the pico de gallo, drizzle with a little more lime, and serve

Makes ~ 450g

Macros per 50g serve

34 calories
0.7g protein
2.5g fat
3g carbs
1.1g sugar
1.6g fibre

compared to a traditional recipe

58 calories
0.8g protein
4.9g fat
3.9g carbs
0.8g sugar
2.5g fibre

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