Saturday, 18 October 2014

Smoothie Saturday #11

Sadly, I never seem to find the perfect fresh apricots in my part of Australia. They're either tirm firm, or when ripe and soft, they have very little flavour, besides lacking any real sweetness. It seems to me that packaged apricots are the way to go; they never fail to be sweet, juicy and succulent.

I used both the flesh and juice from a can of apricots for this smoothie, getting the benefits of that natural sweetness and more fibre than just juice alone. 


500g Bananas
400g Apricots (flesh and juice)


Add the bananas and apricots to your blender, pouring water in to the top max line
Pulse your blender, to avoid oxidising the bananas, and until there are no chunks of fruit

Makes 1 serve


637 calories
8g protein
2g fat
163.6g carbs
104.1g sugar
19.4g fibre

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