Saturday, 25 October 2014

Smoothie Saturday #12

When I'm running low on other fruits to add to my morning smoothie, my stash of Fast & Fruity pouches always save the day. It means this smoothie  may not be completely raw, but I'm still able to start the day off with a flavourful, energy-packed drink.

If you're somewhere in the world where you cannot find these fruit pouches, I suggest using frozen mixed berries, and frozen mango and pineapple to get a similar flavoured drink. 


500g Bananas
150g Freshfields Tropical Fast & Fruity
150g Freshfields Berry Fast & Fruity


Add all the ingredients (except the water) to a blender and pulse until smooth
Pour in water to the top, blending again until combined

Makes 1 serve


641 calories
7.1g protein
2.1g fat
161.2g carbs
104g sugar
17.4g fibre

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