Thursday, 16 October 2014

Treat Yourself Thursday #11

I often see dark chocolate chips used in vegan recipes since they contain no dairy. The downside is that even a small serve is quite high in fat. Chocolate chips can be an occasional treat on a high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle, but you do have to be aware of how many you consume.

 Never fear, there is a low fat alternative - one which you can enjoy as often as you like, without a worry about your fat intake. 

These won't melt like traditional chocolate chips, however they'll still add a new texture to a dish along with that desired chocolate taste.

You'll see these choc chips make a few appearances on some upcoming blog posts. 


120g Dried Dates
2 (~30g) Fresh Dates
2 tsp Cacao, Carob or Cocoa Powder


Pulse the dried dates in a blender until they resemble a crumble
Add the fresh dates and cocoa, pulsing again until the mixture comes together
Transfer to a non-stick tray, form into a sausage-like shape
Roll on the tray until it becomes long and thin
With a knife, cut into small pieces, around 3-4mm thick
Store in the fridge and use how you please

Makes ~150g of choc chips

Macros (for the entire batch)

408 calories
5.2g protein
1.5g fat
103.7g carbs
82.6g sugar
26g fibre

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