Saturday, 21 June 2014

What Is: Tattoo Tuesday

My blog is named The Inked Vegan as both vegan foods and tattoos are a big part of my life. Tattoo Tuesday will be a day for me to share my passion of all things tattoo (and body modification, but that was too long of a name).

I love discovering new tattoo artists from Australia and around the world, and sharing their work with others. Great tattoos and the great artists behind them deserve recognition, and Tattoo Tuesday will be the platform for just that.

The posts will range from sharing my tattoo knowledge, my plans for future tattoos (and possible tattoo treks around North America and Europe), and matching tattoo styles with the appropriate tattooists.

The annual Melbourne Tattoo Expo is coming up later this year and I'll be there to review it (hopefully all three days). And I'm sure some tattoo magazine and book reviews will be popping up throughout the year on each Tattoo Tuesday.

One thing I'd most love to do is film time lapse video of getting a tattoo, and once I can afford new ink, I'll be sure to share the footage with you.

The first Tattoo Tuesday post will go live Tuesday September 2nd, 2014.

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