Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tattoo Tuesday #3

It's no secret that Inked Australia/NZ magazine is my all-time favourite tattoo magazine.
I've been a reader since day one, when Australian Ink transformed to the magazine it is today.
This magazine is why I know what I know about tattoos, how I can distinguish decent
tattoo artists from phenomenal ones,

While the internet and reality television has revolutionised the world of tattooing, there is still
so much bad work out there which people believe to be good.
Inked Australia/NZ is all about promoting the best of the best - every single image on each page
sets the standard for what's to come next.

After all these years of annoying the Editor, Ness on the Inked Australia/NZ Twitter & Facebook
accounts, I think it's only fair to share my love of the magazine with
all of you tattoo fans out there reading this blog.

Source: Facebook

Do you have trouble finding Inked Girls and Inked Artist magazines at your local newsagent?
Are you sick of visiting several newsagents to get your tattoo magazine fix?
Then you may just like what I am about to tell you.

In each issue of any of the three Inked titles you will find a subscription card inside.
People have been asking for a subscription for all three titles, and Inked Australia/NZ have delivered with this incredible deal.

For $99 you will receive an Inked magazine each month,
a HUGE saving of 41% (or $68) off the cover price.

Of the 12 magazines, there will be:

6 x Inked Australia/NZ Magazines
4 x Inked Girls Magazines
2 x Inked Artists Magazines

Click here to subscribe to the Inked Australia/NZ magazine bundle.

For those of you more technologically inclined, you can buy all the magazines in the
App Store (anywhere in the world) on your computer and mobile devices. 

NOTE: I do receive a small commission if you subscribe via my affiliate link. This money goes towards buying supplies for future recipes on the blog. 

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