Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tattoo Tuesday #10

As I have done these past few weeks, I was going to bring you another profile on a favourite tattoo artist of mine. That was until I received something special in the mail.

It's that time of the year for my favourite Inked Australia/NZ title. The bi-annual issue of Inked Artists magazine is now available in Australia (New Zealanders will have to wait a few weeks yet).

If you're new to Inked Australia/NZ magazines, Inked Artists is published twice yearly. It differs from the bi-monthly issues in that it is a collection of just images from some of the best Australian and international tattoo artists.

Each and every issue never fails to impress me. After all these years of reading each and every magazine, no issue is ever the same. There's the artists I know, and I love to see some of their new pieces of work. There's other artists I feel like I've seen randomly pop up on my Tumblr dashboard. Then there are artists which I have never heard of and am discovering their work for the very first time. 

Favourite Artists from Issue 7

Many years ago, when first getting into tattoos, I wasn't much of a fan of black and grey tattoos. I felt that they were too dark and dreary, and made skin look dull and lifeless; how times have changed. I now appreciate the artistic talent and technique behind black and grey tattoos. The ability to use lines, shading and a hint of white to create such refined and detailed art with ink on skin blows my mind.

Malika Rose

Victor Portugal

For some truly amazing black and grey tattoos, check out: the cover girl, Malika Rose, Victor Portugal, Karlee Sabrina, Teneile Napoli, Q, Seth Arcane and Paul.

Piotr Gie's abstract neo-traditional work is about adding a different style and technique of tattooing to the traditional elements of bold black outlines.

To tattoos of animals wearing clothing - I say yes!

Drew Shallis 

For black and grey, and colour realism, Timothy B Boor and Todd Bailey have it covered. Ron Russo's horror and gore tattoos are truly disturbing - I love them.

Gooney Toons takes pop culture icons, combined with traditional tattoos elements, for something more detailed and refined than simply tattooing a characters likeness.

It might just be because I'm going to the cat cafe this weekend or the likelihood that I'll become a crazy cat lady, but I want Eddy Lou's cat tattoos all over me.  Ebony Mellowship's neo-traditional, adorable and bad-ass animal tattoos are also some of my favourites. 

Eddy Lou

 Issue 7 boasts 315+ tattoos over 162 pages, literally something for everyone, no matter their favourite tattoo style.

You can check out some of my past Inked Artists reviews here

Social Media Links

Website - https://www.inkedaustralia.com/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/InkedAustralia
Twitter - @Inked_Australia 


To save yourself the hassle of going from one newsagency to another to find a copy, grab yourself a subscription.

For the low price of $99 (that's a huge saving of almost $70!), you will receive an Inked Australia/NZ magazine title in the mail EVERY month.

That's 6 copies of the flagship magazine, Inked Australia/NZ magazine, plus four issues of Inked Girls and two of Inked Artists.

Head on over to iSubscribe and treat yourself to a 12 month subscription. Christmas is still a few months off, but this would make a great gift for a tattooed family member or friend.

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