Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ice Cream Sundays #5

This may just be my best ice cream recipe yet.
It has all the elements of a traditional Snickers bar but in a vegan ice cream.
There's the chocolate ice cream base, the gooey caramel sauce and a sprinkling of peanuts for that added crunch.

If bananas aren't exactly your favourite fruit, then this ice cream will convert you.  The cocoa masks much of the banana flavour and the date sauce gives that extra burst of sweetness.

Being a low-fat, high carb vegan doesn't meant I don't eat nuts. They're not something I eat daily, but sometimes a dish just needs that extra bit of crunch. And really, what would a bowl of Vegan Snickers Ice Cream be without peanuts?
I kept the nuts at a minimum, but there's still enough for a peanut for each mouthful. 


400g Frozen Bananas
2 tsp Cocoa Powder

4 Fresh Medjool Dates
2 tsp Coconut Sugar

5g Unsalted Peanuts


Blend up the frozen bananas and cocoa powder (with a little water, if needed) until it forms ice cream, and then transfer to a bowl.
In a food processor combine the caramel ingredients and pulse until it thickens.
Pour the caramel over the chocolate ice cream and then top with the peanuts.

Serves 1


582 calories
7.8g protein
4.6g fat
145.3g carbs
94.1g sugar
16.6g fibre


  1. Holy heck, this sounds amazing! Guilt free and decadent.

    1. It is addicting! I keep a huge batch of the caramel in the fridge for whenever I'm craving this.