Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ice Cream Sundays #7

After weeks of experimenting with banana ice cream flavours, it still surprises me how much the taste can change simply by removing and adding just one different ingredient. Bananas and cocoa make the most amazingly rich, chocolate ice cream, but by adding frozen cherries there's that added sweetness and texture, and it suddenly becomes Black Forest Ice Cream. 

Fresh cherries can be expensive in Australia, even when they are in season and on special, however frozen cherries remain the same price all year round. Frozen fruit is great to always have on hand to add a different flavour to banana ice cream, or to chuck in a smoothie. It doesn't go bad, it can often be cheaper than fresh, and because the fruits picked at its ultimate ripeness, the frozen stuff can often be sweeter and more flavourful. 

This recipe will work just as well with fresh, sweet cherries, so it's simply your choice. 


450g Frozen Bananas
100g Frozen Cherries
1-2 tsp Cocoa/Carob


Add the bananas, cocoa/carob and half the cherries to a blender
Pulse the blender until the ice cream forms
Transfer the ice cream to a bowl and top with the remaining frozen cherries

Makes 1 serve


459 calories
6.9g protein
2.7g fat
116.9g carbs
64.1g sugar
15.1g fibre

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