Thursday, 18 September 2014

Treat Yourself Thursday #7

It may seem so convenient to buy already made non-dairy milks at the supermarket, but it really is so simple to do the same at home. You don't need thickeners, preservatives or any other ingredients to make coconut milk, other than desiccated coconut (or coconut flakes). 

Coconut milk can often be high in fat, however this method will leave you with a super creamy milk containing very little fat. The flavour from the coconut infuses into the water

Use this milk in smoothies and curries, or freeze some in an ice cube tray to add to banana ice cream. 


1 Cup (~50g) Reduced Fat Desiccated Coconut
5 Cups of Hot Water


Pour the hot water over the coconut and allow to soak for around an hour
Transfer the coconut and water to your blender and blend on high several times in 20 second bursts (you don't want to over-heat the blender)
Strain the coconut from the water, squeezing as much excess water out of it, as possible
(I find that no matter how much you squeeze the coconut, it will manage to triple in weight, which is why 5 cups of water are required to make 1L of coconut milk)
Making sure not to shake the coconut milk too much, place it in the fridge overnight
In the morning a thin layer of excess fat will have formed on top
Simply remove this and you have yourself (almost) fat-free coconut milk

Makes 1 litre

Macros (per cup)
It's really too difficult to even estimate the macros for this milk, however due to the amount of coconut remaining after the blending process, it's safe to assume that the milk itself contains very little fat.

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