Friday, 19 September 2014

Friday Favourites #7

It's funny how you can go from absolutely despising a food to loving it in mere months.
I never used to like bananas; even something as simple as their smell just put me off them. 
But today I am professing my love for this magnificent calorie and nutrient-rich fruit.

As I currently don't own a car, I set my parents the mission of finding me the cheapest bananas they could at, surprise surprise, the Dandenong Market.

With bananas currently $3 plus per kilogram in the supermarkets, I was expecting to fork out at least $25 per box (13kg or 29lb). 

I gave them $40 and instructions to barter with the store-holders, to get me the cheapest price for two boxes. If they couldn't get me them for that price, I was going to forgoe them for this week. 

Well, they arrived home with two boxes of bananas, like I asked, and were they perfectly ripe, or what? 

Not only did I not have to wait for them to ripen up (like you do with ones bought at the supermarket), but they cost just $22 total. 

$22 for 26kg (58lb) of bananas - less than $1 per kilogram!

It really pays to shop around for the bargains and to ask sellers if they have any (over) ripe fruit, especially since they don't often have it on display.

Now, with all these bananas, I think it's time to head to Banana Island. 

As I enjoy days or weeks of banana smoothies and banana ice cream, I'll be photographing and documenting all my recipes for future Smoothie Saturday and Ice Cream Sundays posts.

Keep your eyes (and bananas) peeled...

Just because I love my reader so much, here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on.

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