Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Tattoo Tuesday #13

For Tattoo Tuesday #13 I am sharing the work of another artist from STR Body Modifications: Ebony Mellowship. If I had the money, I would be getting tattooed by the entire crew from STR Body Modifications. 

Ebony's work was just featured in Inked Australia/NZ Inked Artists Volume 7, which you can find in stores now. Not just any artist makes the pages of Inked Australia/NZ's magazines, they're the cream of the crop, and as you can see Ebony is no exception. 

Neo-traditional style is something that I'm drawn to and it just so happens to be the style Ebony Mellowship does so well. 

Most of Ebony's work in Inked Artists featured animals. The close attention to detail that Ebony puts in her work is what separates good from great. The combination of thick lines with fine line work creates the appearance of fur in the animals and adds some realism to the tattoos. 

You just want to reach out and touch the animals - or is that just me?

There's something about a fox wearing a suit, a top hat and smoking a pipe that just feels right. 

You can't help but let out a little 'awww' when looking at this adorable raccoon. 

Ebony will be tattooing at the Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo which, can you believe it, is only a little over three weeks away. To book in with Ebony, check out her social media accounts (listed below) for how to contact her. 

Get yourself a new tattoo as an early Christmas present. Buy your tickets online now for the Melbourne Tattoo & Body Art Expo and save $5. 

To view more of the incredible work of Ebony Mellowship, check out the following links:

Instagram: @ebony_mellowship_str

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