Saturday, 13 September 2014

Smoothie Saturday #6

This week's smoothie was featured in last week's What I Ate Wednesday video.

 I had it for both breakfast and lunch today because it was that delicious. The closest thing I can compare it to is a strawberry thickshake from McDonalds. The differences being that this is completely vegan, contains only three ingredients and is free from any nasty sweeteners, colours, preservatives or additives. 

This lifestyle is all about abundance and with recipes like this, you don't need to miss out your favourite things from your pre-vegan life. There is always a vegan alternative out there, and most are guaranteed to taste just as, or even more, delicious as the original. 


500g frozen bananas
400g strawberry puree


Pulse the fresh strawberries in a blender until they're pureed, then strain the remove the seeds
Return the puree to the blender with the bananas and almond milk
Blend until completely smooth

Makes 1 serve
(around 1.3L) 


617 calories
9.7g protein
5.9g fat
146.5g carbs
81.1g sugar
22g fibre

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